Hot-Tip Hi-Fi specialise in the reggae sounds of Jamaican music’s golden age...

Still the conqueror of dancefloors to this day - we celebrate the sounds that are testament to ska & reggae music's universal appeal & enduring influence!

Hot-Tip Hi-Fi brings a scorcher selection of stompin' ska tunes, independence-time anthems, cool rocksteady classics + all the original reggae hits, rare versions (& more) recalling the rise of the island's indigenous upbeat sound from its early days as Jamaican Rhythm & Blues, through soundsystem culture, to its international success in the UK pop charts & beyond...


Keep your crowd jumpin' to the perfect party beat! Hot-Tip Hi-Fi DJ's are available to hire at negotiable rates for your special event, club or festival. Use the form below for booking enquiries, or contact: hottiphifi(at)post.com

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